Is Artificial Intelligence Killing SEO? The Future of the SEO World

“Artificial Intelligence Will Radically Change the Use of Machines We Use in Marketing”

~ Tim Berners Lee

With the rise of artificial intelligence, the future of many sectors is being shaped. One of these sectors is marketing sector. And the most discussed topic is “search engine optimization”< /strong>, that isSEO. The natural language capabilities of artificial intelligence have greatly facilitated the writing of various texts such as blog posts, articles, and social media content. This situation brings to people’s minds “Is artificial intelligence changing SEO?”, “How will artificial intelligence affect the future of SEO”, “Artificial intelligence is replacing SEO experts” It raised questions such as “Will he get it?” In this article, we will answer these questions for you. If you are curious about the details, you should definitely continue reading.

Is artificial intelligence changing SEO

Artificial Intelligence and SEO Relationship: How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect SEO?

Today, with the rise of productive artificial intelligence models such as ChatGPT and Bing, many sectors have started to do their jobs faster and more practically. Marketing was one of the most affected sectors in this regard. According to Mckinsey, $460 billion in increased marketing efficiencies are projected to be generated over the next decade.

SEO is one of the areas most rapidly affected by artificial intelligence. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the work of SEO experts has already become easier. For example, artificial intelligence is used extensively in content production.

With artificial intelligence, content writing, keyword analysis or large data sets can be analyzed quickly. Apart from this, you can develop appropriate strategies for users by analyzing user behavior and provide more detailed data analysis and predictions by using it in reporting processes.

While artificial intelligence can affect SEO efforts so quickly even today, what impact it will have on the future of SEO is a matter of curiosity for everyone. This brings to mind the question “Is artificial intelligence changing SEO?”. Then let’s examine together “How will artificial intelligence affect the future of SEO?”.

The Future of SEO: How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Future of SEO?

This issue has become a huge debate today with the development of helpful artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT. “Is artificial intelligence killing SEO?” For the question, some parties say “no, artificial intelligence will not kill SEO.” While some say that SEO experts will be unemployed and that artificial intelligence is sufficient for SEO studies.

In fact, this discussion is not the first time. Let’s take a look towards 2014. These discussions were held again when artificial intelligence assistants that use voice search such as Siri came to the fore. During this period, people thought that artificial intelligence-supported voice search engines would defeat SEO. However, this is not the case. The results that these voice assistants delivered to people depended on prior SEOstudies.

Today’s artificial intelligence tools can create SEO-focused texts by analyzing content on the internet. This reveals that SEO has a significant impact on artificial intelligence. Of course, a different advantage of artificial intelligence is that it can also learn the biases and errors in the data sets on which it is trained. Users should be careful to review the quality and accuracy of texts when using artificial intelligence.

Is Artificial Intelligence Killing SEO?

The fast content production feature of artificial intelligence has caused some content writers around the world to be fired. However, this is a wrong approach. Because artificial intelligence content is actually not sufficient. Google wants to see natural texts containing human expertise and experiences in content production, not texts written by artificial intelligence. For this reason, Google bots specifically scan the content to check whether it is artificial intelligence copy and detect duplicate content. The reason why Google wants content to be written by humans is because it finds such content more to believe. People’s personal experiences and shares enrich the content. Accurate information about the real world comes from humans, not artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence’s ability to imitate the human brain is limited. He has no ability to understand human emotions. Therefore, content based on human experiences is more valuable in terms of search results and user experiences.

Apart from this, artificial intelligence does not always provide as much quality content as you think. Artificial intelligence also has negative aspects, such as the possibility of creating incorrect texts. Imagine that in the future, information consisting of false content created by artificial intelligence takes up space on the internet. You can understand that these contents that replace real information can cause greater harm than good.

Will it replace SEO experts?

Is artificial intelligence changing SEO

If we come to the question “Will artificial intelligence replace SEO experts?”, the answer is “no”. Because in the future, artificial intelligence will actually make SEO experts more effective and important. In the future, artificial intelligence will Its usage area will mainly focus on boring tasks.For example, artificial intelligence will have the ability to analyze data, but it will be insufficient to imitate humans in terms of strategy formation and creativity.

Human experience remains much superior to artificial intelligence in matters such as understanding the target audience, evaluating the competition and making analysis. In this case, SEO experts will have much more time to focus on strategic issues while artificial intelligence takes over the boring tasks of humans.

Additionally, when writing content; If we see artificial intelligence as an assistant that will give the SEO expert the opportunity to produce much more content, instead of seeing it as an SEO expert who can write content instead of humans, we will look at it from a much more realistic perspective.

For this reason, our answer to the question “Will artificial intelligence replace SEO experts?” is “no”. We can say that artificial intelligence is not a threat to your business, but can help make your work more efficient.

So, if we were to briefly answer the questions “Is artificial intelligence changing SEO?” or “Will artificial intelligence replace SEO experts?” with reasons.

Yes, artificial intelligence is changing SEO, but we can say that it will not replace SEO experts. Reasons for this:

  • Google prefers natural and personal content written by humans in content production.
  • Artificial intelligence is not as good as humans at strategy development and also creativity. It cannot adequately imitate the human brain
  • SEO experts are more effective at understanding and managing the emotional interaction of content than artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence has the possibility of making mistakes and also has a tendency to use repetitive words.

These points show that it may be difficult for Artificial Intelligence to completely replace SEO experts. SEO experts; Since artificial intelligence does not have the human capabilities it offers, the role of experts will remain important in the future.

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