Instagram Algorithm 2023: How to Increase Reels Views?

One of the most important parts of digital marketing today is Instagram Reels videos. Brands use this tool very frequently to increase interaction with their target audiences. However, reaching the target audience on this platform is not an easy task that can be done by producing random content. The most effective way to achieve this is to comply with the Instagram algorithm. Users, businesses and brands who are aware of this focus on finding and implementing answers to questions such as “How does the Instagram algorithm work?”, “What is the Instagram algorithm?”. In this article, we talked about the details of this issue for you and included the answers to your questions based on the current Instagram algorithm 2023. If you want to grow your business, you should definitely read the rest of our article.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

The best way to apply this algorithm well to our digital marketing strategies is to first understand in detail what the Instagram algorithm is. The Instagram algorithm is actually a mathematical model. This mathematical model is designed to rank content on the platform and provide users with the most interesting and personalized experience. This algorithm determines the content that appears in the users’ timeline, explore section and other sections.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

So, based on what factors does it do this? The first factor in this regard is the interests and behaviors of the users. Instagram evaluates the time users spend on the platform, the content they like, comments, saves and shares. Thanks to this data, it analyzes users’ areas of interest and behavior. After analyzing the interests of users based on the content they have interacted with in the past, it identifies posts with factors such as hashtags, location tags and content type that match these interests and presents them to the users.

While doing this, it attaches importance to new and fresh content. In this way, it aims to save Instagram from being boring and make it an eye-catching platform.

Interactions on posts are important for Instagram. Instagram evaluates the potential of the content to be popular, attract attention and be useful by analyzing the interactions that posts receive from users, that is, likes, comments and shares. If it has a good rate in this regard, it ensures that the content is shown to more people.

One of the most important issues for the algorithm is video and visual content. This makes the content stand out more. Because videos enable users to stay on the platform for longer. Instagram’s new features, Reels and stories, cause the algorithm to show these types of content primarily because these formats are popular with users.

Accounts that interact with users, regularly share updated content, and interact with their followers are ranked higher by the algorithm.

How Does the Current Instagram Algorithm Work in 2023?

Instagram algorithm is based on user interaction and time spent on the platform in 2023. The algorithm attracts users’ attention. It directs them to spend more time on the platform. That’s why video content, Instagram stories and reels are prioritized by the algorithm. In addition, the content that users interact with and add to favorites is also prioritized by the algorithm.

Hashtags and keywords enable content to be associated with specific topics or trends. This helps the content reach a wider audience.

So, let’s briefly explain how the Instagram algorithm works for 2023:

  • User interaction
  • Video content
  • User preferences
  • Hashtags and keywords

Instagram Algorithm 2023 Strategies to Increase Instagram Reels Views

Instagram Reels has become a major engagement platform for creators and brands. As of 2023, the Instagram algorithm is focused on specific strategies to increase Reels views. Here are the main of these strategies:

Regular Content Sharing – Video Focused

Instagram wants users to spend time on the platform. Nowadays, users prefer short videos where they can quickly obtain information rather than reading content. That’s why Instagram prioritizes video content. If you share video content regularly, it will stand out more and reach more people. you will.

Using Hashtags and Keywords

Instagram has an algorithm that brings posts to interested users. Brands want to attract people who are interested in their products. Then the most effective way to do this is to use hashtags and keywords. This way, you will associate your post with the relevant topic and get more interaction by appearing in front of people interested in this topic.

Share Your Posts at the Right Time

When sharing posts, you should determine the times when your followers are most active and publish according to these hours. This way, your posts will be seen and interacted with by more people.

Use Attractive Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that catches the user’s eye. If you use a title that will attract the user’s attention, you can increase the clicks and views of your post. This will help the algorithm show your post to more people.

Focus on Short Content – Focus on Reels Videos

Instagram reels allows users to share short video content. Since users like to obtain information quickly, they show great interest in such posts.

Do Not Neglect the Quality of the Content

Creating high-quality content is the first step to beating the Instagram algorithm. Users are interested in quality content. They interact with such content. This will help increase your audience.

Don’t Do These!

  • Do not share disturbing sensitive content!
  • Do not share political content
  • Do not share low resolution images
  • Do not share watermarked content

If you do these, Instagram may penalize your page. Because such content negatively affects the user experience. The aim is to ensure that the user enjoys the platform and stays there for a long time.

By following all these tips, you can highlight your business with Instagram. Thus, your target audience will increase and your brand will grow. If you need help with social media marketing, contact us!