What is Social Media Advertising? How To? Detail

Businesses attach great importance to social media advertising and social media reporting to increase brand awareness and create a digital identity. They include them in their marketing strategies in order to interact with their target audience and promote their products or services. Social media advertising and reporting is a continuous improvement process. They aim to develop their strategies using the data they obtain from your analysis. Thus, they aim to increase their success. In this article, “What is social media advertising?” and “how to do social media advertising?” We will include various information about the questions. If the subject interests you, you should continue reading our article to learn the details. Here are the basics about social media advertising:

What is Social Media Advertising?

First“what is social media advertising?” Before answering the question, we should state that Social media advertising in general is a continuous improvement process. During this process, you can make various analyzes and then adjust your strategies using the data you obtain. By definition“what is social media advertising?” The answer to the question is:

Social media advertising is the process of using advertising on social media platforms to reach the target audience, increase brand awareness and promote products/services.

The first and most important step for social media advertising is to create a Facebook Business Manager account. Facebook Business Manager is a tool used to make it easier for businesses to manage Facebook and Instagram ads. Creating an advertising account within Facebook Business Manager is quite simple. Step by step explanation, starting from setting up Facebook Business Manager:

How is Social Media Advertising Done?

Step 1: Login to Your Facebook Business Manager Account: Log in to your Facebook Business Manager account. If you don’t have an account, create one first.

Step 2: Going to the Business Manager Home Page: Go to the “Advertising Accounts” section from the menu in the upper left corner.

Step 3: Creating a New Ad Account: You must click on the create ad account button. You must then fill in the following information in the window that opens. You must create an ad account name and choose a time period appropriate to the geographical region where your target audience is located. Then you should click on the “Create Ad Account” button.

Step 4: Configuring the Advertising Account:You must select the ad account you just created. You must add your payment methods and billing settings in the “Ad Account Settings” section. Next, you should define your target audience. Then you should adjust your account performance tracking, conversion tracking and other analytics settings. After completing the settings, you should click on the “Save Changes” button. “How to do social media advertising?” While answering the question, let’s also talk about matching Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Matching Facebook and Instagram Ad Accounts

Matching your Facebook and Instagram ad accounts within Facebook Business Manager is a very important and popular practice. To do this, you must enter the business settings section and then select the “Instagram Accounts” tab from the accounts tab. You can add your Instagram account by clicking the add button here. By following these steps, you can add your Instagram account and create Instagram ads via Facebook Business Manager. In this way, you can manage and monitor your ad performance on both platforms from one place.

How to Create an Advertising Campaign? How Many Different Parts Does It Consist of? What is their structure?

Creating an advertising campaign on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram generally consists of three main parts. These are Campaign Level, Ad Set Level and Ad Level.

First, we need to click on the Open Ads Manager button on Facebook. Thus, the advertising manager will appear. At the top of the ad manager, you will see the campaign, ad set and ad tabs. Campaign is the level at which you determine the overall goal of your advertising campaign. For example, we can think about increasing brand awareness, driving traffic or increasing conversions. The ad set level is where you determine your campaign’s audience, budget, scheduling, and other optimization settings. Advertising level is the level at which you create advertising content based on the target audience and budget you have determined.

Let’s explain it this way to understand it better. The campaign level actually represents your overall strategy. Apart from this, the ad set level determines the details of implementing this strategy, your target audience and your budget. Advertising level is the content of the ad.It includes content, titles and texts.

Advertising Campaign Settings

Making campaign settings includes the settings required when creating a campaign. These settings actually help determine important details including the purpose of the campaign, target audience, and budget. First, you must choose your campaign objective to achieve a specific goal. For example, attracting traffic, increasing interaction or making sales can be given as examples. You must determine who you are targeting. This; It is determined according to age, gender, location and interests. You must then determine your total budget and choose how you will pay when viewing ads. And you must determine on which days and at what times your ads will appear. You should choose the platforms where your ads will appear and run A/B tests to compare performance between two or more creatives. These settings are basic settings. It contains the main elements needed to plan your advertising campaign. By carefully determining each one, you can create an effective advertising strategy for your goals.

Ad Set Settings

Ad Set Settings help you determine your target audience, budget, bid and ad display settings. In this context, the target audience should be determined. You should determine the demographic characteristics of the people who are likely to see your ad and define their interests. Then you need to budget and plan. You must determine your daily or total budget and choose your bid type, such as cost per click or cost per image. Next, you must determine on which days and at what times your ads will appear.

Advertising Settings

Ad settings involve the process of determining the basic parameters of an advertising campaign. This section includes options such as advertising media, links, interaction elements, places where the ad will be shown, targeting options, budget and bid type, as well as approval of the ad. You can manage your advertising campaign effectively by determining your target audience, creating your visual and text content, determining your budget, and planning where the ad will appear.

Writing Advertising Text

Although the advertising process is generally effective, this process may have negative results if the text you write does not attract people’s attention. Storytelling is very important when writing advertising copy. For this reason, we can divide our story into three parts. These three parts consist of the hero, the story and the solution.

First, let’s talk about the hero phase. At this stage, the hero is usually the customer or your target audience. There must be a problem at this stage. Make your audience see themselves in the story by defining your customer or target audience as the protagonist of the story.

Example: Every day, Ms. Ayşe was washing the clothes that her little daughter spilled on her while eating dessert. But the stains were so stubborn that they wouldn’t come off, until we met our solution.”

In the story phase, the journey taken to solve the problem experienced by the hero is mentioned. The more colorful you make this part, the more you can attract the attention of the audience.

Example: One day, Ms. Ayşe’s neighbor noticed this situation and offered her a solution. Thanks to this solution, Ms. Ayşe met us.

The resolution phase is the climax of the story. It explains how your product or service solves the hero’s problem.

Example: Our new solution quickly removed even the most stubborn stains and saved Ms. Ayşe from this difficult situation. Now, while her little daughter is eating dessert, Ms. Ayşe does not worry and can quickly clean her daughter’s clothes.

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