What is Google My Business? Google My Business Login: Help

Businesses; They need to promote themselves in order to grow and achieve success. That’s why they use various advertising and digital marketing strategies and tools. One of the most popular among these tools is the Google My Business service. Companies aim to increase their online visibility by using the Google My Business service. This service; It aims to make businesses more visible on Google Maps, search engines and other platforms. Thus, businesses reach their target audiences much faster. In this article, we will provide guidance to companies aiming to increase brand awareness: “What is Google My Business?”, “How to log in to Google My Business?”, “How to Use Google My Business?” ?” We will try to answer questions such as and raise awareness of those who want to get Google My Business help. If you want to learn how to use this useful service, you should definitely continue reading our article.

What is Google My Business? How to Use Google My Business

My Business is a service that generally helps businesses manage their presence in the online world and deliver up-to-date information to target audiences. This service helps list accurate and up-to-date information on Google services. Thanks to this platform, you can update important details such as opening hours, contact information, location, product and service information. This way, you can establish better communication with customers. In order to do all this, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge about using Google My Business. Then let’s explain step by step how to use the Google my business service.

Account Creation and Login

In order to use the Google My Business service, you must first create an account. You must have a Google account for this.

You should then go to the Google Business web page and click the “Manage Now” button to create an account.

You should go to the “Enter your business name” section and after typing your business name, you should click on the “Create a business with this name” section at the bottom.

You should then proceed and come to the “Select the category that best suits your business” screen. Here you must enter a business category according to the area in which your business operates.

At this stage, you will be asked: “Would you like to add a location such as a store or office that your customers can visit?” screen will appear. If you have an office, you should click yes, click the next button and enter your address.

Then you should determine your location more clearly on the map. You should be careful to do this step carefully.

After passing this stage, “Do you want to serve customers outside this location?” You must select the appropriate option on the screen.

Then “Add the regions you serve.” When the screen appears, you can optionally fill in this section and skip it.

“What contact information do you want to show customers?” When the screen appears, you can add any information you want.

On the next screen Do you want to receive updates and recommendations for your business page on Google? You should give the answer to the question that suits you.

When the “Complete and manage this entry” screen appears, you can click the “Finish” button.

Now it’s time to verify your account. At this stage, you need to choose a verification method. This usually happens via a postcard, phone call or SMS. When you receive the verification code using the method you specified, you can enter the Google My Business page and click on the enter verification code button.

Business Information

Users must access information about our business accurately. Therefore, the information we enter must be accurate and up to date. To enter or update business information, you must come to the Google business manager screen. Then, you need to click on the information button in the left corner. Thus, a screen with all the information of the business will appear. From here you can change information such as the name of the business, service category and address. You can update contact information or add a second phone number. If you have a website, you can add it from this screen.

Interacting with the Customer

Interacting with customers is crucial to improving your relationship with them. For this, you can respond to positive and negative reviews and increase customer satisfaction by using problem-solving-oriented communication and showing that you are focused on satisfying the customer. You can inform your potential customers by responding to questions quickly.

You can both answer questions and manage reservations using the direct messaging feature.

You should also inform customers with regular shipments. For this, via Google My Business You should share updates and posts regularly. You should keep your customers updated by informing them about special offers, events or new products.

What are Publications? How It Is Created

Posts are a great way to share events or updates about your business with your customers. To create a post, you must log in to your Google My Business account and click on the “Posts” tab.

On the screen that appears, you can write the content related to the publication you want to create in the text box that says “add a description”. You will then see a place that says “Add button (optional)”. Here you will see options that say make a reservation, order online, buy, learn more, sign up, call now and none. You can select the option that suits your post. For example, if you sell products online, you can click on the “order online” option. A new pane will then appear that says “Button link”. From here you can be directed to the page where you sell. Or you can redirect to another page you want to redirect to.

Review the information you entered and preview the post. If everything looks correct, go live by clicking an option like “Publish” or “Publish.” You can share the publication you created on social media or other platforms. You can also share the post link elsewhere with the “Share Post” or “Copy Link” options. By following these steps, you can create posts on Google My Business and interact with your customers. Your posts offer an effective way to share news and updates about your business.

In this article, we will try to help you on how to use this platform by answering questions such as “What is Google My Business?”, “How to log in to Google My Business?”. And we tried to be a guide. You can use the Google My Business platform effectively by following all these steps. If you are looking for an assistant who will plan digital marketing strategies and use the necessary platforms efficiently on your behalf, we welcome you to our Everest Digital page.